Love for pizza is everlasting so is its demand. As the most mandatory snack, pizzas are also served complimentarily over lunch and dinner tables in majority of events. Parties, Birthday celebration, meetings, festivals and usual family and friends gathering are the common occasions for such dishes to come up. However, tray pizzas are often served in marital events along with other dishes. For the contrasting tastes in Pizza industry, an authentic Italian recipe will certainly be a point of difference when served at your event. For catering of authentic Italian pizzaiolo at your event, you need to hire these specialized Pizza Catering services Sydney to make your event more attractive and memorable.

Not always but other than a regular party, you can sometime throw a pizza party that’ll be loved by all. With such unforgettable taste and management from Pizza Catering services Sydney, guest will definitely enjoy and appreciate the efforts you’ve made for it. In short, you’ll get the best credit of the superior taste we’ll provide at your desired venue. They are passionate for delivering quality and consistency for their caterings and handles regular events, party events, Full catering event and desert offerings for your events accordingly.

Following are the three main courses to choose from the menu of Mobile Pizza Catering Sydney:


Following the Italian heritage, the starters include pasta and salad. With the exact consistency as of our pizza, these starters are reinforced with the authentic recipes. Considering the different menus from our Pizza Catering services Sydney, users are given a liberty to choose from different authentic Italian salad and pasta recipes. All these eatables will be prepared freshly and will be served readily to your guests and gathering. We assure the taste as best as for all other foodies.


As our specialty, the main course offers a range of mouth-watering traditional pizzas with custom sausage selection to top with. These includes Authentic Italian sauce, Argentinian Garlic puree and BBQ sauce. Among all the pizza available in our menu list, the main course is provided with five chosen flavors. These flavors have contrasting features and are all distinct in their own manner. These all will be hand prepared from our top chefs and be delivered or served in an oven hot condition. The Mobile Pizza Catering Sydney along with fixed menus also facilitate custom orders, depending upon the consumer i.e. vegetarians, intolerants and of different religious believes.


The complimentary element accompanying main course are desserts. A meal is definitely incomplete without it and we do keep this in consideration for our catering services. For all our catering menus, the desserts are selected on an individual base with a fixed price for each serving. While appointing Mobile Pizza Catering Sydney, you don’t have to bother for dessert anymore, you can order additional desserts right on the venue if your demand extends, so you don’t have to hassle for dessert anymore. Besides these, RDM Pizza Australia also offers dessert pizzas with Nutella and fruit punch toppings. After all, “he who eats well, lives well”.