Our Promise

“A tavola non si invecchia”

Our philosophy is simple…bringing you the best

We believe that it’s okay to be obsessed about something…especially pizza.

We promise to keep it simple and focus on what matters. We won’t just follow trends for the sake of it, and we’ll innovate and do anything it takes to achieve quality and consistency. We stand by our products and we believe that our values of quality and consistency will ultimately speak volumes about our company.

We believe that it’s a worthwhile cause to want to ensure that Italian traditions and quality don’t become lost. We want people to continue laughing and making memories and we’re admittedly a bit obsessed with bringing you the best.

RDM is a labour of love that is driven by passion. We don’t just like pizza, we love it. You could call us ‘pizza specialists’ and everything we do is driven by our obsession for helping create a community of ‘perfect pizzas’.

RDM represents Riccardo’s initials, and today, Riccardo and all the pizza specialists at RDM, are charged with the ultimate responsibility of ensuring that every RDM product and service, from flour to table, from our family to yours, delivers our guarantee of quality and consistency. We’re driven by the obsession of the perfect pizza. The dedication to high quality Italian pizza, and making it accessible, is what continues to drive what we do. We do it for you.

Welcome to our family, we look forward to sharing our obsession with you.